IMA Finalist
“Where Our Waters Meet” is being honored by the IMA as a Finalist for Best New Age Album of the Year 2009.
Lynda’s first CD Spreading Wings was a finalist in 2007 for Best Song in the Independent Music Awards in the New Age category, as well as winning an award in the Native Spirit category in the 2007 Indian Summer Music Awards, and a finalist in the spiritual category in the Indian Summer Music Awards.
Lynda’s world music cd “Where Our Waters Meet” has received frequent airplay on digital TV radio station Music Choice Soundscapes. The song “Blessed by the Thai Rose” has been rated in the top ten songs of the week several times between April and September.

Where Our Waters Meet has been rated in the top 100 cds of the month played by New Age radio stations on the New Age Reporter charts every month between March and September 2008, and in the top 14 CDs of the month a couple of those months.The song Haziz is featured on XM Satellite Radio.


Spreading Wings Radio Ratings

March 29th, 2007,12:09 pm

Spreading Wings has been rated #10 out of the top 100 on the New Age Billboard Charts for February 2007

Blue River from Spreading Wings has been rated #1 song of the week March 2007 on Music Choice digital cable TV radio show Soundscapes

Radio Stations Reviews For Spreading Wings

January 14th, 2007,9:37 pm

January 2, 2008 Serge Kozlovsky from Minsk, Belarus
“The mastery and inspiration, the first flush of perception and the deepest love to Mother Earth have merged together in this music. While listening to Spreading Wings you are just melting in charming, hypnotic sounds of the Native American flute, and hovering in earthy and sublime harmonies.In this music there is the clear glance of a child who looks at the outer world without fear and prejudice. You realize that he sees something superior, which is lost for you maybe..”

When in the clinking silence of the night
The anguish has insensibly oppressed the heart
Then listen to the sound of the Native flute,
A healing one,
Its older then the world (poem by Serge Kozkovshy)
Translated by Tatyana L. Permyakova

Music Choice Soundscapes,cable TV digital radio station,Spreading Wings rated #8 in top 10 in August 2007

Rankin April 16, 2007 “Sweet. soothing ethereal Native
American “new age” music compositions drawing on world music influences to captivate and embrace the soul. Terrific musicianship, tight arrangements and excellent production make this a must cd for and true audiophile.Songs for the Heart and Soul is a sweeping collection from two outstanding musicians. Track 1 will get air on the World Party starting this week.”


PBS FM Melbourne Australia “Hello from Peter Merret,music manager for PBS Melbourne.Spreading Wings is a passionate cd that is definately something.I was blown away by your cd, great to hear music dripping with passion and consistency from start to finish, all very strong tracks indeed.You have a sound that is engaging, story-filled, and holds you with its mesmerizing compositions.Not pretentious, just music, exactly what we want for our listeners. The passion and content had us all entralled in my office.” Feb 9,2007

Spirit Within Radio Lubbock,Texas “What an incredible album, the most relaxing I’ve received in quite some time” Jon February 10, 2007

BRTO radio Netherlands “Great album.Fantastic stuff for our radio station” Alex Pijnen November 11, 2006

Troubadour 1700 AM Massachusetts “I am currently airing 8 tracks from this cd in our current new age catagory. They should stay there for six months” Jeffrey Gill December 31,2006

KUMD Minnesota “Just a note to say we very much like the new cd Spreading Wings here at 100,000 watt KUMD In Duluth. some very lovely tunes, some beautiful flute and harp music playing getting 2-3 spins a week within our very eclectic music mix.(early fav track seems to be Exhale) John Ziegler Nov.1, 2006

Artsound 92.7 Australia “Beautiful, excellent, thanks for sending it” Lili January 14, 2007

Jazz radio 2MCE FM Poland “Thank you very much for recording and promo.I will be back with additional details and offer as soon as I will get confirmation and budget details for the new season.Will be great to invited you here, but be sure I wish to make it on strong and professional way. Drop me a line if I can be of any assistance, and will be in touch, all the best” Dioni Piskowski December 12, 2006

Isles FM Isle of Lewis “Many thanks for your cd, superb stuff. Sitting listening at the moment and makes me so chilled out it is unreal. Wish all music had the same effect on me!All the best with the 2007 finalist for best song with Spreading Wings Peggy MacNeil December 12, 2006

KCLC FM 89.1 Missouri NGQ Production “Very worthy of praise. Perfect fit in nature.I had it out on the Missouri River and it was just great moving along with the current and letting this cd do the rest.I had many compliments fron those on board and glad to have it on the NGQ music family library. Thank you for a great musical event.” Dusty Durst January 15,2007