Where Our Waters Meet – CD Cover Art

January 31st, 2008,12:53 pm

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Recent Photos

March 22nd, 2007,11:15 am

These are some recent photos near the seacoast. Click on each photo for a larger image.

Sunset Bay
( 2000 x 1330 px, 757 kB )

At the Jetty
( 1736 x 1379 px, 924 kB )

Another At the Jetty
( 2000 x 1513 px, 1170 kB )

Lynda Playing Her Music

September 7th, 2006,12:13 pm

Media Photos

September 6th, 2006,12:08 pm

(108kb) (124kb)
(162kb) (144kb)

(500px-500px 64kb)
Spreading Wings 175px
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CD Cover 1000x1000
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Panoramas of Lynda’s Home

August 10th, 2006,10:55 am

The images below are very large, about 6000 pixels wide.
Click on the thumbnails for the very large view.

Ocean View to the North
(2.6MB) Ocean View to the North from the high point of the property.

Houses from the Driveway
(2.8MB Aframe home and Outbuildings from the Driveway.

From Center of the Yard
(2.3MB) From Center of the Yard.

From the Barn Loft
(2.9MB) From the Barn Loft.

Aerial View of Cape Arago Light
Aerial view of Cape Arago Lighthouse. Taken in 1990.

Lynda’s Home

September 5th, 1990,12:04 pm

Early Oregon Photos

August 9th, 1990,9:11 am

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Just Moved to Oregon
Taken at the house in 1990 shortly after moving to Oregon.

Lynda at 23

September 5th, 1989,10:45 am

Lynda with Flute and Dog

Grandparents and Father about 1908

September 5th, 1989,10:42 am

Grandparents and Father 1908