General Background

Playing my flute

General Background

Lynda was raised in Los Angeles and San Diego. Her father was a Russian aeronautical engineer who was born and raised in Manchuria, China. Her mother was a pianist who passed on her love of music.

Lynda spent time in Hawaii when she was 18, falling in love with the silver flute while listening to a young man improvise on flute while walking through the tropical rain forest.

In her early 20’s Lynda spent one and half years in Europe, studying French at the Sorbonne and traveling throughout Europe.

Lynda lived in northern California for four years while studying music at College of Marin and Sonoma State College. She then worked as assistant recreational therapist at Kentfield Hospital in Marin County.

Lynda then moved back to San Diego, working for 12 years in massage therapy and other holistic health modalities, and then as an R.N..

In 1990 Lynda and her husband Mike moved to Charleston, Oregon near Coos Bay. They live on beautiful land near the ocean, surrounded by tall Port Orford cedar, spruce, and alder trees. Lynda’s music has been greatly inspired by the beauty of living on the Oregon Coast. She and Mike have dogs, cats, and chickens, and Lynda grows a variety of fresh vegetables in her garden.

Lynda will answer to Lynn, a nickname given working at hospice, or Linda, because of how often people misspell her name!