March 29th, 2008, 4:15 pm

Continuing to work on my singer-songwriter CD “Our Spirits Are Rising”

I’ve met a new guitarist named Dano, we play very well together, I am including two of his songs on my singer-songwriter CD featuring guitar and flutes, with a touch of harp! We will be looking for gigs togther for September and October around Oregon. Samples of our music together coming soon!

My next class series of Relief Right Now, my mindfulness based stress reduction class will be starting Saturday May 10th from 2pm-4pm at Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay for four Saturdays.

The DBT, or Dialectical Behavioral Training class combining cognitive therapy and mindfulness is ongoing, with new people able to join the class at the beginning of every college quarter at SWOCC. Check with the Bay Area Hospital Outpatient Mental Health Clinic for more information

I’ll be performing at the grand opening of the Independent Living section of Inland Point in North Bend on April 18th

Saturday April 19th-Playing harp and flute as part of The Earth Day Celebration at Ferry Rd Park in North Bend, Oregon The Celebration is from 1pm-6pm.

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